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    We offer modern ceiling cooling systems


    Cooling ceiling technology has been successfully used for many years as an energy-saving technology for removing dry cooling loads. Cooling ceilings are thermophysiologically optimal when used in conjunction with ventilation systems to condition indoor air in relation to air humidity. Therefore, they create a high degree of acceptance and satisfaction with the thermal comfort of residents.

    The risk of condensation on the cooled ceiling is effectively and safely protected by limiting the supply temperature and conditioning the fresh air. Cooling ceilings cool without air movement that could cause drafts. Therefore, cooling ceilings have a positive effect on comfort . Because the perceived room temperature under the cooling ceilings is slightly lower or higher than the actual room temperature, additional positive effects arise regarding the energy efficiency of the system.

    Water-carrying cooling ceilings can be used as a supplement if the cooled air temperature control systems are insufficient. The cooling effect is achieved mainly through heat absorption, with convection being a secondary function.

    In some buildings, people, equipment, sunlight or lighting generate a very large amount of heat, which is why the cooled air temperature control systems are insufficient. Using a traditional cooled air-conditioning system can cause distraction due to drafts, etc.

    To reduce the amount of cooled air, water-carrying cooling ceilings can be used to complement the system.

    No one will deny that the warmth of the sun has a very pleasant and direct effect on cool days. Ceiling heating also radiates from above, with the air temperature down below being mild. All other objects in the room and all surrounding surfaces are also heated by heat radiation from ceiling heating. Because the floor is thermally insulated, the heat of radiation from the ceiling is absorbed there, and the floor surface is even slightly warmer than the temperature inside. This means you don’t have to worry about cold feet with ceiling heating.

    Ceiling heaters and ceiling coolers are mainly found in offices and sales areas, as well as in industrial buildings and sports halls. They are often used to complement other heating and cooling solutions for radiating panels. The conventional ceiling heating and cooling system is installed directly on the ceiling or in suspended ceilings. In the case of office or commercial real estate, activation of the thermal element is an economical and sustainable way of heating and cooling buildings in an energy-efficient way.


    Ceiling cooling gives off the entire surface compared to standard air conditioners. The cool water in the pipelines of the cooling system cools the air perfectly, in this way we feel a feeling of comfortable cold. The ceiling cooling installation does not produce any disturbing noise – it is completely quiet compared to other cooling devices. It is also completely invisible, it is worth remembering that the cooling panel does not significantly reduce the height of the rooms, thanks to its thin thickness of about 3 cm.


    Material – drywall panel

    pipe diameter – 10x12mm

    maximum working pressure bar – 4


    frame assembly

    pipe installation and connection using quick couplings

    screwing the panel and connecting it to the installation with quick connectors

    plastering or plastering the ceiling panel

    painting the panel (ceiling)


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