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    We offer modern heating systems using wall surfaces

    Wall heating , called as wall heating system is very similar to underfloor heating in both construction and function. Basically, one physical difference between the two types of heating is that one is installed in the floors and the other in the walls.

    If you want to free up some space in your home, when using an economical heating system, consider wall heating together with underfloor heating . Thanks to lower operating temperatures, you won't pay for running a wall heating system compared to radiators, which will benefit you in the long run. In addition, you can make your home more expensive, as it will reduce the risk of mold.

    Available types of wall heating panels

    The wall heating system mounted under the walls is completely invisible, which means you don't have to worry about losing space in the room. Having heaters means that you cannot put furniture on some walls, there are no such problems with wall heating, so you have all the space to use. The heat emitted by the wall systems on the other hand is radiant, so that the air in the room is pleasant and transparent.

    Many “hidden" heating systems are seen as modern and even luxury home heating methods , which can help increase the value of your home. Your home will also be more spacious and attractive for all potential buyers. Due to the low operating temperature, they can work with a heat pump or air-source heat pump to reduce operating costs.

    Almar Wall PANEL wall heating

    The ALMAR WALL PANEL system board made of gypso-non-woven fabric is dedicated to the installation of walls in drywall technology. Used in old and new buildings, serving as a heating or cooling element.

    Where and where can we use wall heating:

    Wall heating is perfect for single-family homes, offices and public spaces.

    What are the advantages of wall heating:

    The panels are very durable and stable, they serve as walls and as a furniture carrier. The plates have marked places indicating where the heating pipe may be.

    Wall heating technology process:

    Wall panels are connected using quick connectors. The wall heating installation works perfectly with various sources of heat energy, e.g. heat pump, various types of boilers, gas, oil, electric.
    The temperature of the walls can be adjusted in the same way as in floor heating systems using thermostats.


    – good heating parameters

    – good strength parameters

    – panels serve as walls and furniture carrier

    – panels have marked places where the heating pipe is located


    Material – drywall panel

    pipe diameter – 10x12mm

    maximum working pressure bar – 4


    frame assembly

    screwing the ALMAR WALL panel to the frame

    installation connection by means of quick couplings with pipes

    applying putty or finishing coat on the wall panel

    painting the wall


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