Floor heating
and wall heating.

Complete underfloor and wall water heating and ceiling cooling systems in a modern design.

Our heating and cooling systems
and cooling

Underfloor heating

Ready-made and well-thought-out underfloor water heating systems, tailored to different expectations and technical requirements of buildings.

We produce dry floor heating systems without anhydrite screed and wet heating systems.

Wall heating

An alternative to underfloor heating, or an additional source of heat with a modern twist.

Wall heating is an excellent solution when there is no possibility of installing underfloor heating, or when upgrading a room.

Ceiling cooling

An innovative way to regulate the climate in a room. Invisible, trouble-free and effective.

A novelty in the installation industry that is gaining popularity due to its unique features, unavailable with classic air conditioning

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Metallized plate with floor heating pipe

What makes
that our flooring
gained confidence?

We differ
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  • Widest range of underfloor heating

  • Low floor heating – from 18 to 50 mm

  • Free quote and design for underfloor heating

  • Attractive price
  • Exclusively Polish capital

Advantages of all our floor heating panels

Underfloor heating

Dry systems

They work well when we do not plan to make an anhydrite screed. We have several dry floor heating solutions ready to be used on any substrate. Depending on your requirements or specific expectations, we will match the most suitable floor plate. With our systems, underfloor water heating can be used with different building structures.
Installation of underfloor heating in old buildings or on the floor heating wooden ceilings, is possible thanks to a dedicated plate for this purpose.
The main components of these systems are: Styrofoam with grooves for underfloor heating, Styrofoam with metallized foil, or custom solutions in the form of particleboard, gypsum board or wood fiber.

Underfloor heating

Wet systems

Floor plates created for the implementation of underfloor heating under anhydrite screed.
We propose a traditional solution where heating pipes are laid for a smooth plate, or convenient plates with tabs, allowing complete freedom in the distribution of heating. Underfloor heating under an anhydrite screed, is the most common underfloor heating in newly constructed buildings. The main component of this system is an EPS system board with aluminum or polystyrene foam board with plastic tabs that facilitate the laying of pipes in the floor.

Ceiling cooling

Ceiling systems

Ceiling cooling is designed to cool the air in a room or facility without installing unsightly air conditioning units. Most often, traditional air conditioner-cooling units cool the air in a pinpoint manner and ceiling cooling distributes the coolness by radiating throughout the area. Additional features of ceiling cooling include maintenance-free operation and reliability.

Wall heating

Wall systems

A modern way to make heating in a building. It works on the same principle as water floor heating.

It is an excellent solution when you want to eliminate radiators, but do not have the option of installing an underfloor. The main component of wall heating is a plasterboard with grooves for pipes.

How we save with underfloor heating

20 %

You save operating costs by installing underfloor heating

35 %

Less operating costs compared to traditional heating

60 %

Less operating costs compared to electric heating

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Learn about the health benefits of underfloor heating