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Health benefits

The main reasons for installing water floor heating are thermal comfort, health, aesthetics and economy.
The use of underfloor heating system, brings many benefits. First and foremost, it allows to achieve a vertical temperature distribution in the room that is optimal for humans. Warmth is experienced in the most comfortable way, as people feel best when they have warm legs and cool air to breathe.

Operation of the system

The premise of a water underfloor heating system is that the floor is only a few degrees warmer than the air. As a result, there is no dust floating and the heat is maintained in the occupants’ zone. This makes surface heating systems, the so-called underfloor heating, extremely allergy-friendly.
Not surprisingly, this form of space heating is gaining popularity. This is underfloor heating under an anhydrite screed, so the entire pipe system is flooded with concrete screed.

Pure economics

Underfloor heating is relatively inexpensive to install, economical to operate and low maintenance. It also frees up wall space normally devoted to radiators and can be installed in virtually any type of floor.
It is widely considered a greener option than radiators because of the way it heats the space, as it saves a lot of energy. Instead of heating the room from the top down (as is done with radiators). A surface heating system ensures that the lower part of the room receives heat first.

Modern system solutions, allow the installation of surface heating on any type of floor, wall and ceiling


The system board with tabs (polystyrene board with tabs) every 5.0 cm allows us to perfectly lay pipes of different shapes, maintaining the right distance the ability to move on the board and a secure seal to protect against water from the screed and moisture.

The system consists of polystyrene foil (PS) with tabs gr 1.1mm high 20mm or, in the second variant, a system board with tabs of foil (PS) gr 1.1mm high 20mm with polystyrene insulation. The advantage of the system board with tabs is the quick easy installation without the use of fastening clips and the tight connection between the boards thanks to the tabs.

Advantages of the system

  • Quick installation without fastening clips thanks to the polystyrene plate with tabs
  • Arrange pipes in different shapes keeping the same distance between them
  • Tight connection between panels thanks to overlaps in the panel
  • Protection against screed water and moisture
  • Ability to move around the board

System board with film tab s (PS) gr 1.1mm high 20mm with polystyrene insulation
EPS100 [W/mK] 0.038
EPS150[W/mK] 0.035
EPS200[W/mK] 0.033

System Variants

Variant one
application – installation of underfloor heating in residential,industrial,public spaces
by using panels with Almar Duo tabs with a height of 20mm with polystyrene insulation with a thickness of 10-50mm .On the system we use cement screed, anhydrite screed, self-levelling

Variant two
application-mounting underfloor heating during renovation of old buildings on light timber ceilings, beam ceilings, joist ceilings or poured concrete ceilings by using Almar’s 20mm high knurled board with or without a thin layer of polystyrene insulation the total height of the floor with the system board and with a thin light liquid anhydrite screed is about 3.5cm weight 60kg/m2 this is low considering the traditional screed where the minimum height of the screed itself is 6-7cm weight 140kg/m2


The most standard solution among traditional water-based floor heating systems.

The board with aluminum foil is made of EPS 100 [W/m K] 0.038 polystyrene, covered with PE (polyethylene) foil or PP (polypropylene) foil with a thickness of 0.011 mm. The adhered aluminum foil is printed in rectangular shapes, which make it possible to lay heating pipes quickly and accurately. We use anhydrite screed, self-leveling cement screed on EPS polystyrene board

Advantages of the system

  • The board is printed in rectangular shapes, which allow quick and accurate placement of heating pipes
  • Protection against screed water and moisture

Advantages of all our floor heating systems

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