Frequently asked question: flooring without screed ?

– of course it is!

The new dry light and low floor heating systems are an example of this. Installation of underfloor heating system Almar, allows us to install underfloor heating in both old and new construction. Where underfloor heating was not envisioned in the design phase and ceilings have no load-bearing capacity. The advantage of using dry underfloor heating is that it bypasses the screed, and is easy and quick to install compared to traditional heating. The next of many advantages is to get a warm floor effect in about 30 minutes without any dust floating around. Through appropriately selected system components with a heating system assembly plan, the system makes you able to perform the installation yourself Floor heating without screed in comparison with heating in wet systems allows us to have trouble-free installation, arranging furniture in any place, while in traditional systems, furniture and other fixtures are laid directly on the heating screed system where free space is created between the furniture.