Water-based traditional underfloor heating

So far, it is the most popular surface heating, used in newly built as well as old buildings. Floor heating in a traditional system consists in flooding heating tubes with anhydrite screed (approx. 3.5 cm) or traditional screed of cement screed (approx. 6-7 cm).If you want to use anhydrite screed, the best solution will be a system plate with tabs Almar System Duo. Its advantage is rapid, easy installation in which there is no need for mounting clips, allows you to maintain even spacing between the pipes, thanks to the tabs in the plate provides tight protection against water from screed and moisture. If we plan to pour screed – traditional we use plates such as Almar System PE/PP (takerowa plate) or Almar System Duo plate with tabs .System plates used under the floor water – traditional have a thickness of 1 to 5 cm of polystyrene foam and polystyrene density should be no less than EPS 100 .Floor heating is efficient, economical, environmentally friendly .

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