Dry floor heating is a very good alternative for old buildings as well as newly constructed buildings.

It can be used where underfloor water heating was not envisioned in the design phase. It is also used in the renovation of old buildings .

Water underfloor heating in dry technology is light, low, resistant to pressure. Dry underfloor heating is an alternative to electric underfloor heating, which until now has been irreplaceable but more expensive to maintain .The advantage of dry underfloor heating systems is its low height (from 18 to 50 mm and weight -about 5 kg /m2) this system is very economical and comfortable solution .

Dry flooring, such as Almar System Standard ALU , the most commonly used system, is ideal for wooden houses, on wooden ceilings, wooden joists, as well as existing concrete floors.

Dry underfloor heating without concrete screed has less inertia, i.e. it heats up quickly, but also cools down faster because there is a target floor directly under the heating pipes compared to wet underfloor heating systems where heating time is longer by about 3-4 hours.Dry underfloor heating is the so-called floor heating without screed, which means that we do not pour screed or concrete screed over the pipes, which reduces the installation time and allows us to carry out further work, which makes the installation faster .After the installation of the dry underfloor heating system is completed, the floor heating system is immediately ready for use .

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