Underfloor heating on wooden LEGARS

Dry underfloor heating systems are an effective way to incorporate a heating system into the construction of a legacy floor, both in new buildings and in those undergoing renovation. We also use underfloor heating on a wooden ceiling without concrete screed in wooden houses without disturbing the supporting structure of the ceiling due to its low weight compared to traditional systems. Consider installing floor joists in your home, office – There is nothing better than the effect of a warm floor underfoot . By taking advantage of the space in the hollow joist space with effective insulation, underfloor heating maximizes thermal efficiency and allows heat to be evenly distributed throughout the floor.

Ceiling beams are most often part of a suspended wooden structure and help support the subfloor, which is installed on top. They provide a structural membrane that runs across the floor. Combination floors are usually used on upper floors where there are no concrete structures.

We can install floor heating on joists by using chipboard. The boards are screwed on the joists, while the ALMAR STANDARD ALU system board and AP or UP board are mounted on them – this way we get a ready-made floor for direct installation of the target floor, for example. : ceramic tiles, panel, carpet.

With the dry system, we do not need to make a concrete screed that puts additional strain on our ceiling.

The implementation of floor heating on joists involves the installation of heating cables attached to the floor joists. As thermal insulation, we can use Styrofoam or mineral wool with a thickness of 10 cm, which will protect against the escape of heat downwards.

Remember Underfloor heating is a more efficient heating method than radiators, operating on the principle of radiation rather than convection. In addition, because of the much larger heating surface area provided by underfloor , it can operate at much lower flow temperatures than traditional systems, which means it can be coupled with energy-efficient heat sources such as heat pumps and solar thermal systems. Since underfloor heating is completely hidden in the floor, it allows complete freedom of interior design and eliminates any safety risks associated with radiators on the walls.

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